The reflection Cinematic.

I loved Robert Ebert’s article, How to read a movie. I love movies, and in fact this summer I have promised a very close friend of mine that I would go through a list of about 25 movies and discuss how great those movies are. I have discussed in the past the types of things that were addressed in the Robert Ebert article.

inglorious Bastards is definitely on that summer movie list.

I truly liked the idea of having the audience and the professor be on the same team when discussing a movie. I feel this creates natural conversation and it makes everything more fluid. I cannot begin to stress how important it is for the audience to be relaxed when doing this exercise.

Also, the idea of the third man that was introduced in the article is very cool. When you are able to draw on real-life experience or some profession’s opinion on a subject, it makes everything a little clearer. Wired has a YouTube series where professionals dissect movies scenes.

Here is an example of what I mean:

The methods I read about in this article will definitely help later in the week when I KNOW I will have to use it.

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