The intermission of Cinema(Half-week summary)

The beginning of this week began like most do, with the start for a deeper appreciation of film, and the messages conveyed through the cinematography.

The week began with an article by Robert Ebert,  How to read a movie, In this short article Ebert describes some teaching methods he uses in the classroom to dissect movies. I went about writing about this reflection in this post here.

This movie is great! Hereditary was phenomenal film and quite scary if I say so myself. Looking back, I could see many of the techinques utilized in the film, with scary effects.

I then went about watching four videos. Three of the four videos were related to the techniques used by famous movie directors to convey a message to the audience.

The videos I watched are down below:

I also wrote a reflection blog post where I analyzed the different effects this has on the audience as well as the message the director was trying to convey to the audience. I hope to use the article and the videos in the videos that I create later on this week!

I think for this week’s assignment the nursey ryhme that I would like to change would be: Row Row Row your boat, I always thought there was a sinsiter undertone to the song. I would like to use that to my advantage.

Oh, and before I forget, I also completed two daily creates. Here they are below.

Here is my first Daily Create: The tracy house from The Thunderbirds

The second daily create was about a cool tree that I like. I chose a tree that I planted about ten years ago!

Until Sunday!



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