Points of Cinema

The second assignment I had this week was to watch and reflect on 4 videos that changed my view on video production. The way this happened was through 3 videos that were based on an individual film directors special technique. Then there was a video where it showed different cuts, transitions, and motion effects. All different editing effects that send a message to the audience about certain objects, people, and events.

The first video I watched was Kubrick’s One-Point Perspective. The video is down below.

This gif explains perfectly what Stanley Kubrick wanted to show in his films. Look at the center point of the screen. Then look at the object that is positioned in the frame. This juxtaposition could mean anything. In the case of Danny, from The Shining, it means an ominous hallway, with distinct patterns and decorations, and the youthful curiosity that takes ahold of Danny as he plays throughout the halls.

The next video I watched was another Kubrick Film, where he employs a different filmmaking technique. in The Shining, Kubrick also employs Zooms, where the cameraman will zoom in on a certain object with a certain amount of speed. This allows the audience to really look at that object’s features and allows them to look into the ulterior motives of that central object.

Here’s the video down below.

Here is a gif from the shining that explains exactly what I mean.

The next video I watched was Quentin Tarantino’s technique, From Below.

Here is the video.

Tarantino does a great job at positioning two characters in a frame.  I can see that his film technique is a little more primal, in the sense of the person looking down is the victor, winner, etc. and the camera, in this perspective is the loser or something to be appreciated or valued.

Here is a gif that explains this perfectly.

And Finally, The last video I watched was about other editing techniques that one would use to illicit a response from his audience. There were certain cuts, transitions and motion effects which brought some meaning to the film when dialogue could not.

Here is the video down below.

And a gif that explains it perfectly.

Slow motion

It’s all about the technique.

I hope to use these techniques later in the week, They all seem very cool and I cannot wait to fit them into the videos I will be creating.



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